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Care Guide

Keep Your Fine in Line

Helpful Tips

Your new pieces from The Last Line are thoughtfully designed to last for generations. Don’t worry—they’re low drama and don’t require much maintenance, but they’ll look their best as they age if you remember a few tips:


Keep ‘Em Dry

Yes, you would look sexy af emerging from the pool in your TLL jewelry, but you should take them off before swimming, showering, or exercising. Getting your jewelry wet won't harm it, but can reduce the shine so we don’t recommend it.

Except When You Clean Them

Treat your TLL pieces to an occasional gentle cleansing with a soft cloth and non-abrasive jewelry wash.

Gems in Check

We want these pieces to be the last you’ll ever buy, so double-check the security of your gems (which can shift or become loose after prolonged exposure to the elements) and clasps before wearing.


All Party pieces are produced by hand, so designs and sizes vary slightly and no two pieces are identical.


Every one-of-a-kind piece of TLL glassware is hand painted or etched with bright color or 22K gold. Because of the artisan nature of the process, there are imperfections and slight differences in each design.

*Hand wash.*


All TLL textiles are 100% linen with detailed machine embroidery. They will soften and get even more beautiful over time. For a sharp look, lightly mist and iron after hand washing.

*Hand wash*


Talavera, a traditional Mexican and Spanish pottery, is a strong, heavy base for many of our tabletop pieces. When fired, small black dots and slight imperfections emerge in the clay, adding to the organic detail of the material.

*Dishwasher safe.*


Each piece of fine TLL porcelain, a special kiln-fired ceramic, is hand glazed with intricate detail. Some feature enamel or 22K gold finishes, and all have a pure, perfect white background.

*Hand wash*

Layer in the linens. Mix and match, made-to-last linens.


Diamonds, always. We call them our jewelry box MVPs for a reason.



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